Fines & Fees

In order to maintain our collection, your Rowan County Public Library does assess minimal fines on overdue or lost items. After all, our materials belong to everyone! We ask that patrons please be as responsible as possible when borrowing and make an effort to return items on time, or to replace items that become lost, damaged, or destroyed. Accidents happen; if you run into trouble with anything you have checked out, let our staff know so we can work with you.

We also charge small fees for services such as copying, printing, and faxing. This helps to cover the library’s costs for things like ink, paper, and so on.

Overdue Fine Item
.10¢ per day Overdue book, periodical, CD (music or audiobook), Playaway, or Kindle
$1.00 per day Overdue DVD/Blu-Ray, video game, musical instrument/instrumental equipment, or interlibrary loan item
$10.00 per day Overdue WiFi hotspot
Lost Item Replacement Fine Item
$1.00 Damaged or destroyed earbuds
$5.00 Damaged or destroyed headphones
Lost periodical, paperback book, or locking media case
$10.00 Damaged or destroyed computer mouse
Lost music CD
$20.00 Damaged or destroyed laptop charger
Lost hardback book, audiobook on CD, DVD/Blu-Ray, Kindle case, or musical instrument equipment (such as a dulcimer stand)
$50.00 Lost video game or DVD/Blu-Ray series (such as a season of a show)
$100.00 Lost Kindle or WiFi hotspot
$300.00 Lost musical instrument
Fee Service
.10¢ per page Black-and-white copying or printing
.50¢ per page Color copying or printing
$1.00 per page Faxing (sending or receiving; cover sheets provided at no cost upon request)
$10.00 Library card for non-residents (one-time charge; waived for patrons in good standing of our sister libraries)
$1.00 Replacement library card
$25.00 Returned check
$9.95 Collection agency charge
$30.00 + $30.00 refundable deposit Community room rental

Patrons are notified by library staff of any amount of money owed whenever an account is accessed. You may continue to borrow materials unless your total balance exceeds $5.00 for a single account, at which point you’ll still be allowed access to our computers, but you’ll need to pay enough to get back under $5.01 before you can continue checking items out. Keep in mind that, if you have other accounts for which you’re responsible (such as a child’s), a balance of $5.01 or more on any of those accounts can prevent all linked accounts from borrowing, so keep an eye on everyone’s fines if you’re part of a borrowing family!

If you owe a lot or are having trouble paying on your balance, payment schedules may be arranged at the discretion of the Assistant Director or Executive Director.

In order to avoid overdue fines or replacement charges, refer to our loan periods, below, to see how long you’re allowed to borrow library materials. Please note that bookmobile borrowing and interlibrary loans follow their own special rules; for more information, you can call the library at 606-784-7137.

Material Type Loan Period Renewals
Books, audiobooks (on CD and Playaway), and Kindles 28 days 1
Music CDs 14 days 1
Video games 14 days 0
DVDs/Blu-Rays and WiFi hotspots 7 days 0
Musical instruments and instrument equipment 45 days 1