Literary Pumpkin Pageant

It’s time to paint and decorate your pumpkins!

You’re invited (yes, you!) to gussy up a pumpkin for our 3rd annual Literary Pumpkin Pageant! All ages are welcome to participate; just bring us your pumpkin starting October 4th. October 16th is the final day submissions will be accepted!

Pictures of every pumpkin will be posted to our Facebook starting October 18th, and we’ll let the community vote for the winners from October 18th through the 23rd.

Submissions will be divided into six (6) categories:

  1. Age 5 and under
  2. Ages 6-8
  3. Ages 9-12
  4. Ages 13-17
  5. Ages 18+
  6. RCPL staff

Contest Rules

  1. Your submission must be a real pumpkin! No artificial pumpkins will be accepted.
  2. Your pumpkin must be no larger than 12 inches  wide x 12 inches deep (taller than 12 inches is alright).
  3. Your pumpkin cannot be carved. You may build onto it, but you cannot cut into it!
  4. Your design must have a literary theme. This can be a story, a character from a book, etc. Make sure to include a note with your submission or tell us what inspired your pumpkin!
  5. Submissions must be taken to our children’s circulation desk to enter the contest.

You must provide your own materials. Once entered, each pumpkin will be numbered and displayed by category, as listed above.

How to Vote

You can vote in person or online by commenting on the photo of the entry you want to win! You can vote for one entry category. We just ask that you don’t vote twice, so if you voted in person, don’t also vote online (or don’t vote online for more than one entry per category).

Voting slips will be available at the table under the big map, right beside our front circulation desk in the atrium. We’ll have a ballot box there so you can fill out your slip and just drop it right in. October 23rd is the final day to vote, so make sure to come take a look at all our entries before then!

The winners of all categories will be announced on October 25th, and each winner receives a bag of art supplies!

Anything unclear? If you have question or comments about this event, just let us know!