Class Resources

Want to learn more about how to use your computer or other device? This page has some other websites you can check out to keep building on what you learn in our technology classes! Remember that if you’re confused by something or need help figuring it out at home, there’s always Google or YouTube, which can be some of your best resources.

Click here to learn how to use Google to search for answers online. Other search engines like Yahoo or DuckDuckGo work pretty much the same way.

What is a search engine, anyway?

Click here to learn how to use YouTube to search for videos online. It’s a great place to find learning and tutorial videos about almost anything!

Office Software

Need to learn the basics of Microsoft Office? They have an official learning center you can visit!

Want to get better at using Microsoft Excel, the popular spreadsheet program used to for accounting, tracking statistics, and more? Try the tutorials at Excel-Easy!

Google’s Gsuite family of software is free with your Google/Gmail account. You can learn more about all those programs, including Google Docs and Sheets, right here.

How to Code

If you want to learn how to write your own code, try starting with Hour of Code, which is aimed at beginners and designed to be fun and easy.

There are also plenty of other places to try, if you want to get certified or learn a specific kind of coding.

Protecting your Computer

Every device should be protected from viruses and malware. As long as you use commonsense defenses against these threats, your online activities should be pretty safe.

What is a computer virus, anyway? Or you might ask, what is malware?

Click here to visit Malwarebytes for a free anti-malware program.

Click here to visit HitmanPro for a free malware and ransomware removal program.