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Stay inspired and plan for your next vacation or weekend getaway when it’s safe… we are back this week with a different region. If you go to the online version of the Kentucky Tourism Visitor’s Guide:

PART ONE: Let’s head to the opposite end of the state this week! Go to page 90 for the Western Waterlands Region. Lots of info there, but here are some other great links:

Paducah is the home of the QuiltWeek every April, but this year was canceled due to the virus. So it is with excitement that the museum has been able to reopen and with a wonderful exhibit OURstory.

Beautiful. Just beautiful!…/confluence-of-ohio-and-…

Mississippi and Ohio River Confluence

Two bridges….three states…in just a few minutes (also lots of water!)


Now we will head to the south of our beautiful state. Southern Shorelands Region! Go to page 66 in the Visitor’s Guide to start planning this adventure

Lots of lakes! Here are a few:

Dale Hollow Lake

Lake Cumberland

Green River Lake

Another neat thing about this region is the abundance of Trail Towns. Here is a beautiful guide to all of the Trail Towns in Kentucky:…/kdt_trail_towns_v10_sprea…

The towns in this region are Stearns, Jamestown, Columbia, and Campbellsville.

Make sure to keep this guide handy for when you travel to all the regions so you don’t miss a trail town!


Stay Inspired!
For this week we are sharing some travels around the world.
Whatever your hobby there are virtual activities out there for you to do while Healthy at Home! Some activities are starting to open back up… Stay healthy and safe out there!





Whatever your hobby there are virtual activities out there for you to do while Healthy at Home! Some activities are starting to open back up……stay healthy and safe out there!

Take a virtual hike!…/virtual-walking-trails-a…

Rock Climbing/Kayaking/Canoeing/Zip line/Backpacking (you name it!) – Quick plug for Explore KY Initiative-this is their YouTube channel



Rain, rain, go away… It’s rainy and wet out today but as the weather improves and you do get out in the back yard, here are some planned activities to keep the kiddos occupied and learning. Click this link to visit the NEEF website for creative backyard activities:

Click this link to visit the Park Trust website for Buddy Bison’s Backyard Bingo, National Park Service coloring sheets for rainy days and an impressive set of national marine sanctuary virtual dives from around the globe.



Stay Inspired! For this week we are sharing some travels around the world.
Are the kids driving you crazy and are you driving the kids crazy? If you can’t get outside and enjoy nature, here are some activities for them to do inside.

Virtual Field Trips:…



Stay Inspired! For this week we will be highlighting food and music for travel inspiration. Sometimes your travels just have to center around food. Here are some awesome video highlights with chef Adam Glick on the Kentucky Tourism website to get your mouth watering and your vacation plans brewing!…/p…/stoked-with-adam-glick/

Or center your travels around all the awesome musical talent we have in Kentucky! From country to bluegrass to gospel, check out the talent and the places to travel in Kentucky once our quarantine is over.…/photos-vid…/sound-travels/



Are the fish calling your name? Will they wait? Here are some places to plan for your future fishing trip.
Because we cannot leave Cave Run Lake out! And this site has many other ideas for outside activities while at Cave Run Lake for the day!



Ready to Get Out and Go, But Can’t? Start Planning for When You Can! Visit Kentucky Tourism to get some inspiration from other folks’ photos and to order a Kentucky travel brochure today!

And stay in that section for even more inspiration!

In the meantime, if you need to get out and stretch your legs and entertain your brain, keep in mind that some areas are closed right now. Here are a few sites for you to check each day for the most up-to-date information: for the latest COVID-19 Information.