Farewell OverDrive, Hello Libby!

If you're still using the OverDrive app for ebooks and audiobooks, this could be either old news or breaking news for you: It's time to say farewell to OverDrive.

The OverDrive app is sunsetting on May 1st, 2023. You should start seeing the following message in the app beginning March 23rd:

Screenshot of message giving OverDrive sunset date

The OverDrive app itself has already been removed from most downloading platforms, but will continue to work until the sunset date. Starting May 1st, if you're still using OverDrive, you'll see this message when you open the app:

Screenshot of message that OverDrive is discontinued

In both cases, there will be links and instructions to make it easy for you to switch to Libby! If you're not using Libby already, we promise you'll love it. It does everything OverDrive does, plus even more: Customizable tags so you can organize your reads, a dyslexic font option, cloud syncing, and other extras! Libby is easy to use, and you can keep your OverDrive wishlist when you switch—and you'll have access to the same incredible catalog of ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, graphic novels, and more through us and Kentucky Libraries Unbound.

You can get more information about the end of OverDrive straight from the horse's mouth by clicking here.

If you use OverDrive on a Kindle Fire, don't worry; it isn't being discontinued for you yet, since Amazon still hasn't allowed Libby onto their app store. However, we still recommend that you make the switch, if possible. You can learn about sideloading Libby onto a Kindle Fire device here.

Need help changing to Libby? Visit us to speak with a library IT specialist any weekday from 10am to 2pm, or you can even sign up for an official webinar here!

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