Music at your Fingertips

A big thanks from us to the Trail Blazer, this week, for this lovely article about our mountain dulcimers!

If you're not from around here, the Trail Blazer is Morehead State University's official student newspaper, covering events and issues that matter not only to attendees of MSU, but also to our community at large. We met with student journalist Gwen Akers last week to discuss just that: Rowan County's history and tradition of music, and the part we play in it here at your public library.

Thanks in part to a grant obtained from the Lucille Caudill Little Foundation, we've been able to loan a collection of Kentucky mountain dulcimers (complete with music stands and songbooks) as part of our efforts to support Rowan County's rich legacy of music. Anyone who's interested in learning the instrument is always welcome to check one out, and we encourage you to become a part of Appalachia's traditional music story! That's the whole point of loaning items like these—to stir up interest and inspire someone like you to try something new, and maybe keep something old alive while you're doing it.

Your Rowan County Public Library is more than just books: We also strive to be a place for community, which means serving diverse needs and stepping outside the box with our collections and lending. Sometimes the best way to keep important traditions alive is to be a little nontraditional!

If you'd like to take a pluck at the strings, yourself, visit us and ask about our mountain dulcimers. Whether you're just learning, relearning, or whatever, we're proud to be a part of supporting your journey as a Kentucky musician.

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