Summer Reading

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Summer Reading is Here, So Register Today!

From May 25th through July 27th, earn chances to win free books and our grand prize—just by reading and having fun!

You can sign up to participate from May 15th through May 26th by visiting the library, giving us a call at (606) 784-7137, or using the online form on this page. The final day to register is June 23rd.

Everyone of every age is invited! After you register, you can pick up a Summer Reading bag that includes a log sheet you'll use to track your reading and the programs or events you attend. Turn your completed log sheet in to be eligible for our prize drawings. It's that simple!

Read on for more information about how to get involved, what we've got in store for the summer, prizes, and reading recommendations!

Kickoff Event

Once you're signed up, join us for our big kickoff event on May 25th: The Tricky Max Comedy Magic Show!

Tricky Max guarantees an audience-interactive show that kids can't resist! With a zany band of funny friends, they'll discover that kindness is the magic ingredient for great friendships. With a a jolt of comic energy and the most mind-blowing tricks on the planet, Tricky Max will help children discover how to be the most wonderful friend, and the adventures that come with meeting a new person!

We'll be hosting Tricky Max for about an hour, and children ages 5-12 are all invited to the show. Remember to register beforehand, and don't forget to grab a stamp for your reading log after attending the event. The kickoff is your best way to get started with Summer Reading, and it's just a little taste of what we have in store for you throughout the program!

Check out the linked event on our calendar for additional details. 👉🏽

You can also find and follow all our Summer Reading programming in the section below. Remember to sign up for email reminders so you never miss an event you want to be part of, and you can share to your social media directly from each event's page! 👇🏽

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There are currently no upcoming events.

Upcoming Summer Reading Events

There are currently no upcoming events.

All Together Now!

This year's Summer Reading is all about kindness, friendship, and unity! There's no mistaking it—times have been tough for a while now, and we could all use a little understanding and compassion. Your Rowan County Public Library is the perfect place to find that sense of community!

For Children: We learn about communication, language, storytelling, and letters long before we actually learn to read and write. That's where early literacy comes in! It's never too early to work toward reading success, and kids who have been read to from an early age have a larger vocabulary, acquire better language skills, and are more likely to want to learn on their own. Summer Reading helps parents set and meet those goals for children, and it's a great opportunity to teach them about teamwork, empathy, and acceptance at the same time!

For Teens: Listen, we get it—we try to stay hip with the youth, and sometimes it's hit or miss. What matters is that teens' needs are being met just like everyone else's! If you're 13-18, you're working to gain independence, you're hunting excitement, you're figuring out who you are, and you just want to be accepted. The library might not sound like a wild time, but we're here to help you discover all possible futures for yourself. Your potential is tomorrow's reality, and Summer Reading is meant to be part of that journey. Put us on your team and let us work with you!

For Adults: Don't kid yourself, you look forward to summer as much as kids do! Maybe you're on vacation, or maybe you just like to relax and catch up on your reading. Either way, we're here for you, too! Community and support aren't just critical for teens and children; we need them more and more as we get older, and the last few years have been extra lonely for many of us. Whether you're still easing back into normalcy post-COVID or just looking for something interesting to do with friends (old or new), we've got you covered.

No matter your age, background, or identity, it takes each and every one of us to make Rowan County. So, let's make this year's Summer Reading another great one—all together now!

How to Participate

We want you to read—it doesn’t matter what! Physical books, graphic novels, ebooks, even listening to audiobooks counts. (Check out some of our recommendations in the book rivers below, to get you started!) When you register, we’ll give you the appropriate bag or log sheet for your age category:

  • Babies (0-35 months)
  • Children (3-5 years)
  • Children (6-8)
  • Children (9-12)
  • Teens (13-17)
  • Adults (18 and older)

Then, all you have to do is read age-appropriate books and attend eligible library events for your category, track them on the log sheet provided, and turn that log in at the end of our Summer Reading program! (Anyone can get a reading log, but program bags are available in limited quantity; first come, first served.)

If you prefer digital reading for any reason, give our apps a try! Check out our digital resources to get started with Libby, Hoopla, Freading, or Tumblebooks; all you need is your library card, and we’re happy to help you out in person or over the phone. There’s never been a better time to try them out (especially since they all have separate borrowing limits from your physical card)!


Eligibility for prizes is determined by the number of age-appropriate books each participant reads, plus the number of Summer Reading programs they attend. To be entered for a chance to get free books at the end, find the registrant's age group on the list below for the minimum number of books that must be read and logged:

  • Babies (35 months and younger): 10+ books
  • Children (3-5 years): 5+ books
  • Children (6-8): 3+ books
  • Children (9-12): 3+ books
  • Teens (13-17): 3+ books
  • Adults (18 and older): 4+ books

For anyone unable to read on their own (such as toddlers), books read to them by someone else totally count! After all, books are best when they're shared.

To be eligible for our grand prize drawing, babies and children must read (or have read to them) the minimum required number of books for their age group, and also complete the path sheet provided at registration. Teens and adults will need to read at least 5 age-appropriate books and also complete their path sheet. In addition to the free books they can already earn, they’ll have a chance to snag a CoffeeTree Books gift card!

Oh, and one last thing: Any participant can earn an extra book at the end by attending at least 4 Summer Reading programs, and an extra entry into the grand prize drawing by attending at least 6 programs! Remember to get your reading log stamped when you come to an event (or it doesn't count).

We’ll announce our winners on social media at the end of the program, and prize pickup will be July 25th for babies, and July 27th for everyone else. There will also be a special closeout event at 5pm on July 27th for all registrants!

Summer Reads for Kids

Summer Reads for Teens

Summer Reads for Adults